A Simple Life – Panama’s Guaymi Indians

We are working with Latin America ChildCare creating images they can use to promote their efforts to bring education and a chance to escape the poverty cycle among the impoverished.  The Guaymi Indians live in the mountainous region of Northern Panama.  It is a long, rough trek to reach their area.  There is no electricity in this particular village and they live in houses made from local vegetation or a few scraps of tin.  They like brightly colored clothes and are shy but friendly people.  The school was started in 2008 and the concrete block building was constructed by teams of volunteers from US churches.  Individuals from the US may choose to send money on a monthly basis to support a child to attend the school.

Guaymi Indians, Panama, Latin America ChildCareJOS55034JOS54886JOS54855She has cooked up a very large pot of beans and rice to serve the students for lunch.

JOS54847Their houses are nestled among the trees and are hard to see clearly.JOS54849