Inside The Daisy

Inside The Daisy

At first when I looked at this Gerber Daisy and saw how distorted it was I walked on by.  Something tugged at my heart to take a second look and I realized that the flower was opened up on one side and would allow a unique vantage point to look right in and see all the complex details of the center of the flower from the side instead of shooting straight down.  The overall shape of the flower seemed much more interesting also than the normal blossom.  I also enjoyed being able to show the smaller new petals as they were emerging.

Just because you’re imperfect compared to everyone else doesn’t mean that you’re not perfect from just the right angle.

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Mary Jo Allen

I've been a professional photographer for 30+ years. My degree is in microbiology and I did research work in that field for 3 years which sounds glamourous and exciting but in reality I found it to be repetitive and uninspiring. It does explain my interest in the tiny world and my desire to understand how things work. I've always said I could be a professional student as I love to learn new things and photography certainly does provide that opportunity. Even after all these years I continue to learn new things every day. I find photography to be the perfect blend of science and art. Most recently, some of my favorite work has been in the area of macro photography, especially the beautiful world of flowers. I'm looking for not only the documentary recording of what a flower looks like, but also taking a closer look and finding ways of expressing a more artistic and abstract view using color, curves, lines, lighting and softness to create interesting compositions. I love finding beauty in simplicity: just the edge of a rose petal, the sensuous curve hidden inside a flower, the way the morning dew clings and shimmers in the sunrise, a synthesis of color, light and softness, blending the magnificent with the minute; these are the things that make my soul sing a soaring melody of thanks to the Creator.

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