Panama City Buildings

An interesting geologic fact is that Panama sits far enough East of the Ring of Fire that they don’t have the earthquake activity that the rest of Central America faces.  Because of that they can build taller buildings and they make the most of it.  Every ship that uses the Panama Canal has to pay a hefty price,  we’re talking in the hundreds of thousands of dollars each.  They don’t want to carry that with them so there is a large bank of just about every nation here.  It’s like they are in competition to build the biggest, tallest and most modern building.  And then all the folks that work in all those banks need to live somewhere so many more tall apartment towers are built.

JOS54711 And this is just a small cluster of them.

JOS54602Here’s another view along the waterfront.  It goes on like this for a long ways.JOS54709This just makes our buildings look so boring!

JOS53308Here’s a cool juxtaposition of new architecture and on old Gothic style cathedral.

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